Animal Ethics:

A Ilusão Conservacionista (Portuguese)
Animal Advocates Should Focus On Anti-speciesism, Not Veganism (German; French)
Notes on the Utility of Anti-Speciesist Advocacy
On Insects and Lexicality
Reducing Extreme Suffering for Non-Human Animals: Enhancement vs. Smaller Future Populations?
Ten Biases Against Prioritizing Wild-Animal Suffering
Underappreciated consequentialist reasons to avoid consuming animal products

Artificial Intelligence:

When Machines Improve Machines
Consciousness – Orthogonal or Crucial?
The future of growth: near-zero growth rates
Response to a Conversation on “Intelligence”
A Contra AI FOOM Reading List
Why Altruists Should Perhaps Not Prioritize Artificial Intelligence: A Lengthy Critique
Is AI Alignment Possible?
Chimps, Humans, and AI: A Deceptive Analogy
Two biases relevant to expected AI scenarios
Some reasons not to expect a growth explosion


Consciousness Realism
“The Physical” and Consciousness: One World Conforming to Different Descriptions
Thinking of Consciousness as Waves
Physics Is Also Qualia
Conversation with David Pearce about digital sentience and the binding problem


Induction Is All We Got
The (Non-)Problem of Induction
Narrative Self-Deception: The Ultimate Elephant in the Brain?
Effective altruism and common sense

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Focus:

Short-Term vs. Long-Term EA Focus Depends on Annual Extinction Probability
An argument in favor of (fanatical) short-termism?

Ontology / Philosophy of Action:

Ontological Possibilities and the Meaningfulness of Ethics
A Brief Note on Eternalism and Impacting the Future
Explaining Existence
Why the Many-Worlds Interpretation May Not Have Significant Ethical Implications
Free Will: Emphasizing Possibilities


The Endeavor of Reason

Social Norms:

In Defense of Nuance
Compassionate Free Speech
Why altruists should be cooperative

Suffering-Focused Ethics:

The Harm of Death (Russian)
Suffering, Infinity, and Universe Anti-Natalism
Darwinian Intuitions and the Moral Status of Death
Why I Used to Consider the Absence of Sentience Tragic
Suffering-Focused Ethics
The Principle of Sympathy for Intense Suffering
On purported positive goods “outweighing” suffering
Suffering and happiness: Morally symmetric or orthogonal?
Note on Pummer’s “Worseness of nonexistence”
Suffering-focused ethics and the importance of happiness
Comparing repugnant conclusions: Response to the “near-perfect paradise vs. small hell” objection

Cause Prioritization:

Moral Circle Expansion Might Increase Future Suffering
Antinatalism and reducing suffering: A case of suspicious convergence
Priorities for reducing suffering: Reasons not to prioritize the Abolitionist Project

Value Lexicality:

Lexical views without abrupt breaks
Clarifying lexical thresholds

Space Colonization and S-Risks:

Expected suffering on Earth vs. “weak” space expansion
On fat-tailed distributions and s-risks
S-risk impact distribution is double-tailed

Sustainable Activism and Productivity:

Resources for Sustainable Activism
Tips for overcoming low back pain

Old Blog:

Quora Exchanges with David Pearce:

On reference anti-realism
On personal identity
On the nature of mathematics

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