Animal Ethics:

Animal Advocates Should Focus On Anti-speciesism, Not Veganism (German; French)
Notes on the Utility of Anti-Speciesist Advocacy
On Insects and Lexicality
Reducing Extreme Suffering for Non-Human Animals: Enhancement vs. Smaller Future Populations?
Ten Biases Against Prioritizing Wild-Animal Suffering
Underappreciated consequentialist reasons to avoid consuming animal products

Artificial Intelligence:

When Machines Improve Machines
Consciousness – Orthogonal or Crucial?
The future of growth: near-zero growth rates
Response to a Conversation on “Intelligence”
A Contra AI FOOM Reading List
Why Altruists Should Perhaps Not Prioritize Artificial Intelligence: A Lengthy Critique
Is AI Alignment Possible?
Chimps, Humans, and AI: A Deceptive Analogy


Consciousness Realism
“The Physical” and Consciousness: One World Conforming to Different Descriptions
Thinking of Consciousness as Waves
Physics Is Also Qualia


Induction Is All We Got
The (Non-)Problem of Induction
Narrative Self-Deception: The Ultimate Elephant in the Brain?

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Focus:

Short-Term vs. Long-Term EA Focus Depends on Annual Extinction Probability
An argument in favor of (fanatical) short-termism?

Ontology / Philosophy of Action:

Ontological Possibilities and the Meaningfulness of Ethics
A Brief Note on Eternalism and Impacting the Future
Explaining Existence
Why the Many-Worlds Interpretation May Not Have Significant Ethical Implications
Free Will: Emphasizing Possibilities


The Endeavor of Reason

Social Norms:

In Defense of Nuance
Compassionate Free Speech
Why altruists should be cooperative

Suffering-Focused Ethics:

The Harm of Death
Suffering, Infinity, and Universe Anti-Natalism
Darwinian Intuitions and the Moral Status of Death
Why I Used to Consider the Absence of Sentience Tragic
Suffering-Focused Ethics
The Principle of Sympathy for Intense Suffering
Moral Circle Expansion Might Increase Future Suffering
On purported positive goods “outweighing” suffering
Suffering and happiness: morally symmetric or orthogonal?
Note on Pummer’s “Worseness of nonexistence”
Suffering-focused ethics and the importance of happiness

Value Lexicality:

Lexical views without abrupt breaks
Clarifying lexical thresholds

Space Colonization and S-Risks:

Expected suffering on Earth vs. “weak” space expansion
On fat-tailed distributions and s-risks

Sustainable Activism and Productivity:

Resources for Sustainable Activism
Tips for overcoming low back pain

Old Blog:

Quora Exchanges with David Pearce:

On reference anti-realism
On personal identity
On the nature of mathematics

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