Podcasts/video interviews:

Clearer Thinking: “How can we un-break politics?” (with Spencer Greenberg)
The Utilitarian Podcast: “How Can We Best Reduce Suffering?” (with Gus Docker)
The BRIDGE Podcast (with John Lamberton)
Should We Abolish Suffering? (with Graham Bessellieu et al.)
Exploring Minds: “Suffering-Focused Ethics” (with Bobby Mack)
Suffering-Focused Ethics (with Graham Bessellieu)
Magnus Vinding – Effective Altruism: How Can We Best Help Others? (with Adam Ford)

Written interview:

On theories of sentience (with Manu Herran)


Entomophagism for all by David E. Cooper, a review of the first edition of Why We Should Go Vegan (review of three different books)

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