Resources for Sustainable Activism

“Altruism is a marathon, not a sprint.”

— Attributed to Robert Wiblin

Avoiding burnout should be a high priority for activists, both for their own sake and for the sake of those they advocate for. The following is a list of resources that may be useful in this regard.

Melanie Joy:

Sustainable Activism:

How Vegans Can Create Healthy Relationships and Communicate Effectively:

Jonathan Leighton:

Thriving in the Age of Factory Farming

Guided Meditation for Activists:

Paul Bloom and Richard Davidson:

Important and informative conversation about reasons to cultivate compassion rather than empathy:

Here is a playlist with compassion meditations:

Teo Ajantaival:

Positive roles of life and experience in suffering-focused ethics

Michael Bitton:

Investing in Yourself

Nate Soares:

The Replacing Guilt series

Brian Tomasik:

Is Utilitarianism Too Demanding?

Magnus Vinding:

Suffering-focused ethics and the importance of happiness

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